Tax Policy Center

Caleb Quakenbush

Research Associate I

Ultimately, my hope is to be a part of promoting policy design that is fiscally sustainable, treats people fairly no matter their circumstances, and creates and protects opportunity for all. It is a privilege to work with a team devoted to providing careful analysis and reliable data that educates the public and gives policymakers trustworthy information for making evidence-backed choices in an ever-changing society.


Caleb Quakenbush is a research associate at the Urban Institute, where he works with the Opportunity and Ownership Initiative, the Program on Retirement Policy, and the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center. His areas of research include the interaction of federal tax and transfer programs, Social Security, state and local pensions, low income finance, mobility, and federal budget issues.

Before joining Urban, Quakenbush worked as a supplemental instructor for microeconomics at American University while completing a BS in economics at the university.