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Federal Budget and Economy: TaxVox
The idea of replacing all major federal taxes with a national sales tax – and using the opportunity to “abolish” the IRS – has been...
January 12, 2023John Buhl
State and Local Issues: TaxVox
Sales tax exemption bills may be good political messaging, but they reflect misguided tax policy that can be arbitrary, complex, and unenforceable.
March 2, 2022Renu Zaretsky
State and Local Issues: TaxVox
Whether to celebrate July 4, remind people to stock up on emergency supplies, or entice back-to-school shoppers, sales tax holidays are perennially popular. Yet they...
July 9, 2021John Buhl
: TaxVox
It goes without saying that 2020 was an awful year. Bad tax policy didn't make it much better.
December 22, 2020Howard Gleckman
State and Local Issues: TaxVox
The California Legislature has moved to prohibit local governments from offering certain sales tax incentives to promote economic development and attract businesses, such as e-commerce...
September 30, 2019Megan Randall
State and Local Issues: TaxVox
Bloomberg recently reported that Sony sent Chicago a $1.2 million check , ending its legal challenge to the city’s so-called “Netflix tax.” That everyone called...
June 11, 2019Richard C. Auxier
State and Local Issues: TaxVox
I’m not trying to win an election and I certainly don’t want to antagonize my friends, but there are good reasons why a sales tax exemption for feminine hygiene products is the wrong call.
November 14, 2018Renu Zaretsky
State and Local Issues: TaxVox
With so much to follow in the midterm elections, it is easy to lose sight of a bumper crop of tax-related ballot measures . But...
November 9, 2018Vanessa Williamson
: TaxVox
The drive to a Highway Funding bill heads toward a cliff: The sequel. Congressional Democrats are digging in their heels and insisting that Republicans find a long-term solution to highway funding. That would force the GOP to come up with either tens of billions for a long-term bill or
June 5, 2015Renu Zaretsky
: Daily Deduction
Spenders gonna’ spend, tax-cutters gonna’ cut… The House Budget Committee passed its $3.8 trillion budget, but only after giving in to GOP defense hawks : They got $20.5 billion in defense spending without offsets. Meanwhile, TPC’s Howard Gleckman tries to square the House GOP’s tax cuts with its
March 20, 2015Renu Zaretsky