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State and Local Issues: TaxVox
While most of the political world looks ahead to 2024, voters are making important choices on property taxes, wealth taxes, cannabis taxes, and more this...
October 19, 2023Richard C. Auxier
State and Local Issues: TaxVox
Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri, North Dakota, and South Dakota will vote on legalizing recreational marijuana this November. And cannabis initiatives are already on the 2023 or...
October 24, 2022Richard C. Auxier
State and Local Issues: TaxVox
After years of growth, some states saw cannabis tax collections decline for the first time in fiscal year 2022. But, while politicians occasionally promote marijuana...
September 29, 2022Richard C. Auxier
State and Local Issues: TaxVox
With so much to follow in the midterm elections, it is easy to lose sight of a bumper crop of tax-related ballot measures . But...
November 9, 2018Vanessa Williamson
State and Local Issues: TaxVox
If legalized this fall, taxing recreational marijuana in Michigan can produce a fairly large pot of money. The state's new governor, also to be chosen this fall , could modify the current marijuana tax plan. What should he or she consider?
August 1, 2018Renu Zaretsky
: TaxVox
The GOP takes control of the Senate. It has secured a majority in the Senate but has far from working control in a chamber where 60 votes are needed to do almost anything. Utah’s Orrin Hatch will become the new chair of the Senate Finance Committee. Alabama’s Jeff Sessions is in line to head the
November 5, 2014Renu Zaretsky