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This paper examines the incidence of the federal income tax exemption of interest on state and local bonds, applying a fixed-savings, simplified general equilibrium approach to estimate incidence effects on both the sources and uses of income. In contrast to traditional empirical work that...

October 29, 2014
Harvey GalperKim S. RuebenRichard C. AuxierAmanda Eng
Research report

This paper applies tax incidence theory to estimate the distributional effects of the exemption from federal income tax of interest on state and local bonds and the President's proposal to limit the benefit of the exemption to the 28 percent rate. When one accounts for the effects of changes in...

September 27, 2013
Harvey GalperJoseph RosenbergKim S. RuebenEric Toder
Research report

Taxpayers can currently deduct interest on up to $1 million in acquisition debt used to buy, build, or improve their personal residences and interest on up to another $100,000 of home equity loans. This brief estimates the effects on revenue and the distribution of the tax burden of proposals...

March 17, 2013
Amanda EngHarvey GalperGeorgia IvsinEric Toder

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