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inflation reduction act of 2022

Individual Taxes: TaxVox
How did you file your tax return this year? Paid a preparer? Bought software? Did you, like me, use the fillable forms on the Internal...
April 29, 2024Janet Holtzblatt
Federal Budget and Economy: TaxVox
In a new analysis , the Tax Policy Center finds the tax provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) are highly progressive. Taxes would rise...
August 11, 2022John Buhl
: TaxVox
With the near-certain enactment of the Inflation Reduction Act, the Internal Revenue Service is on track for an $80 billion boost to its ten-year budget...
August 11, 2022Janet Holtzblatt
Business Taxes: TaxVox
The House is set to consider final passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) later this week, following months of negotiations over President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda. To help fund the...
August 9, 2022Thomas Brosy
Campaigns, Proposals, and Reforms: TaxVox
What You Need To Know About The Manchin-Schumer Compromise After more than a year of often-fraught negotiations, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) says he has agreed...
July 28, 2022Howard Gleckman