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Federal Budget and Economy: TaxVox
Congressional commissions generally serve one of two purposes. They either 1) provide political cover for lawmakers who want to achieve a goal but are afraid...
September 21, 2023Howard Gleckman
Federal Budget and Economy: TaxVox
Hours after the collapse of the Senate GOP leadership’s health plan, Republicans began to move on. The House began its efforts to write a tax...
July 18, 2017Howard Gleckman
Federal Budget and Economy: TaxVox
Enormously frustrated with what everyone agrees is a largely failed budget process, thoughtful members of Congress are looking for reforms that could get fiscal policy back on track. Yesterday, the House Budget Committee held a hearing on two-year budgeting , an idea that has been tried in some
November 19, 2015Howard Gleckman
Federal Budget and Economy: TaxVox
Two takeaways from the House Budget Committee’s 2016 fiscal plan : A) It is impossible and B) It is the latest example of the challenges of trying to include macroeconomic effects of tax and spending choices in budget scoring. Let’s start with A. Like most budget resolutions, this one builds only a
March 17, 2015Howard Gleckman
Individual Taxes: TaxVox
The budget deal announced Tuesday wouldn’t raise taxes—members of Congress can vote for it without violating their no-tax pledges. But the plan will collect billions...
December 11, 2013Roberton C. Williams
Campaigns, Proposals, and Reforms: TaxVox
The Senate Democrats’ budget, like the House version, rips unfair and inefficient tax preferences that litter the revenue code. But the tax provisions of the...
March 21, 2013Howard Gleckman
Federal Budget and Economy: TaxVox
House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) fiscal plan promises to balance the federal budget in 10 years, make major cuts in income tax rates...
March 15, 2013Howard Gleckman
Federal Budget and Economy: TaxVox
Think of the federal budget as an expression of government priorities described by numbers and words. This week, we’ve seen two widely divergent views of...
March 14, 2013Howard Gleckman
Federal Budget and Economy: TaxVox
I am weary of mystery meat. The latest serving was dished out today by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI), who released a fiscal...
March 20, 2012Howard Gleckman