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The Senate won’t “Bring Home Jobs…” at least not through the bill that would have denied tax deductions for costs of moving corporations out of the country. The Bring Home Jobs Act needed 60 votes to pass but received only 54. The House GOP may vote to put the estate tax to death. They’ve been
July 31, 2014Renu Zaretsky
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The IRS determined this week that Bitcoin and other digital currencies should be taxed as property, not currency. This means Bitcoin transactions will be taxed as capital gains, not as ordinary income. But, perhaps surprisingly , the act of spending Bitcoin could trigger capital gains taxes. Thus,
March 27, 2014Steven M. Rosenthal
Individual Taxes: TaxVox
By now most everyone has heard of bitcoin. But exactly what is it? And how should it be taxed? Bitcoin is usually described as virtual...
January 7, 2014Howard Gleckman