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NOTE: This is an updated version of the analysis published November 10, 2020.1

The Tax Policy Center (TPC) has analyzed the macroeconomic effects of the tax proposals that President Joe Biden advanced during his 2020 presidential campaign. We find the...

July 21, 2021
Benjamin R. PageJeffrey RohalyThornton MathesonGordon B. MerminJason DeBackerRichard Evans
Working paper

In this paper, we extend the analysis in DeBacker et al. (2021) and consider the sensitivity of the simulation results to the values of important, exogenous parameters. Like any model, the OG...

July 21, 2021
Richard EvansJason DeBackerBenjamin R. Page
Working paper

This paper provides a detailed exposition of the effects of President Biden’s 2020 campaign proposal on the U.S. economy and budget that are summarized in Page et al. (2021).  The analysis is done using...

July 20, 2021
Jason DeBackerRichard EvansBenjamin R. Page