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Under current law, a large share of tax benefits for retirement saving accrues to high-income employees. We simulate the short- and long-term effect of three policy options for flattening tax incentives and increasing retirement savings for low- and middle-income workers. Our results show that...

June 30, 2014
Barbara ButricaBenjamin H. HarrisPamela PerunC. Eugene Steuerle
Research report

Analyses of the private pension system typically focus on such issues as how to improve overage or encourage saving or prevent tax abuse or generate retirement income more equitably. Those issues are important, but the thesis of this paper is that more attention needs to be paid to the structure...

May 1, 2003
Pamela PerunC. Eugene Steuerle

Like Rip Van Winkle, baby boomers have awoken to find that they have aged. Their retirement is looming, and now it seems that everyone is worried about saving for it. The popular press, with the assistance of the financial services industry, has made saving for retirement a trendy topic....

August 1, 2000
Pamela Perun

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