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Linda Giannarelli

Senior Fellow

Microsimulation modeling is an incredibly powerful tool for answering questions about how social policies affect families and for comparing the potential impacts of alternative policy changes. Part of what keeps me at Urban is the depth and talent of the team that develops TRIM and other models. Recently, the team used TRIM in a series of projects to estimate antipoverty impacts for national and state policy organizations and state poverty commissions. The results have sometimes confirmed prior expectations, but at other times they have surprised us and led to new insights. In the years ahead, the TRIM modeling team hopes to expand access to this type of analysis.

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Effective marginal tax rates measure how a household’s material resources change as its earned income rises. For example, when a household’s earnings from work rise by $100, its net resources may rise by less than $100 as those earnings may be subject to payroll and federal, state, and local...

March 27, 2019
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