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Alan Simpson

: TaxVox
As this fiscal year began, Congress faced budget projections that showed rapidly rising deficits and debt over the next 10 years. Lawmakers reacted by cutting...
March 22, 2018Rudolph G. Penner
Federal Budget and Economy: TaxVox
With 10 days to go until the dreaded sequester—the automatic across-the-board spending cuts that most lawmakers profess to hate—the Washington drama machine is starting to...
February 19, 2013Howard Gleckman
Campaigns, Proposals, and Reforms: TaxVox
In the recent contretemps over Mitt Romney’s tax plan, some Romney partisans have asserted that the Massachusetts governor’s revenue plank mimics the tax elements of...
August 9, 2012Howard Gleckman
Federal Budget and Economy: TaxVox
Have you noticed that as the details of the tough budget reform proposed by Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles fade into memory, more politicians are...
June 26, 2012Howard Gleckman
Federal Budget and Economy: TaxVox
As long as politicians keep squabbling about what to do about the Bush era tax cuts, we are doomed. There will be no serious deficit...
November 22, 2011Howard Gleckman