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The “Great Resignation” appears to have reached our public education workforce, if not the entire country’s. The situation has grown so dire that schools are closing or educating children remotely for days at a time, not due to the pandemic-related health risks but because of staffing shortages.
December 1, 2021Renu Zaretsky
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How and why do our property tax dollars fund public education? It’s a tricky thing, asking taxpayers to pay for something they don’t feel they use every day. After all, some see public education as a public good that serves the overall economy and community. But others… don’t.
May 2, 2018Renu Zaretsky
Individual Taxes: TaxVox
We moved last year—from Florida, a state with relatively poor public schools, to a strong school district in Michigan. Our property taxes are higher than the national and even county average, but like many families with school-age children, we are willing (and able) to pay them. We support our
June 3, 2015Renu Zaretsky