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Tax authorities around the world are in an increasingly contentious battle over how to tax the income of multinational corporations . In 2017, the US...
April 15, 2020Eric Toder
Business Taxes: TaxVox
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) is plagued by a recurrent problem: Many parts of the law tax similar income or assets at different...
June 5, 2018Howard Gleckman
Business Taxes: TaxVox
Record stock buybacks—driven in part by the corporate tax changes in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA)—have sparked a media and political furor. Unfortunately,...
April 12, 2018Donald Marron
Business Taxes: TaxVox
In a blog post introducing a recent article I wrote for AEI’s Economic Perspectives, AEI’s Stan Veuger describes this approach as replacing “subdued worldwide corporate...
February 2, 2018Eric Toder
Individual Taxes: TaxVox
It is an article of faith among many tax reformers that the U.S. should shift from a worldwide tax system to a territorial regime in which U.S.-based multinational corporations pay U.S. tax only on their domestic income. Such a step would reduce or eliminate tax on the dividends these firms receive
January 22, 2015Howard Gleckman
: TaxVox
Congress returns next week. We’ll resume our regular schedule on Wednesday, November 5, after tomorrow's elections. State ballot initiatives offer clues on how much voters are willing to pay for government services. There are 16 tax-related initiatives on state ballots tomorrow. TPC’s Kim Rueben
November 3, 2014Renu Zaretsky
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The Bring Jobs Home Act is a classic message bill. Its Democratic sponsors have no interest in making it law, they merely see it as a way to boost the party’s Senate candidates in part by forcing Republicans to vote against something that sounds like a good idea. After all, who could be against
July 24, 2014Howard Gleckman
Individual Taxes: TaxVox
Congress and corporate America are in a dangerous and mutually destructive race: The more lawmakers threaten to ban the practice of inversions—where U.S. based multinationals merge with foreign firms to lower their tax bill-- the more firms race to complete the deals while they can. The more deals
July 17, 2014Howard Gleckman
: TaxVox
On the Hill this week: The House may vote to make bonus depreciation permanent . The Senate Finance Committee may present a transportation funding plan reflecting a compromise with the House Ways and Means Committee. The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has scheduled a hearing on
July 7, 2014Renu Zaretsky
Campaigns, Proposals, and Reforms: TaxVox
Are large U.S. multinationals largely U.S. owned? To hear some of the arguments for retaining or enhancing the tax benefits that these companies enjoy, you’d...
March 18, 2014Chris Sanchirico