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Uber and Lyft are threating to shut down operations in California because the state considers their drivers employees rather than independent contractors. The distinction might...
August 20, 2020Richard C. Auxier
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Are We Beginning An Historic Debate Over Work In The US? What should the federal government do to encourage people to work? Should it try...
April 27, 2018Howard Gleckman
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In November, voters will consider ballot initiatives to raise the minimum wage in eight states, following the decision by the California legislature to phase in its own version. Overall, workers will benefit, but because government aid and taxes are based on income, other state and federal policies can either amplify higher wages or reduce them. We used the Urban Institute’s Net Income Change Calculator (NICC) to get a sense of how these wage changes would affect the bottom line for a sample family.
May 23, 2016Elaine MaagKim S. Rueben