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By roughly doubling the standard deduction and limiting the deduction from federal taxable income of state and local taxes (SALT), the Tax Cut and Jobs...
May 9, 2018C. Eugene Steuerle
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Do you want to know why tax reform is so hard ? Consider one seemingly simple idea that has been floated by President Trump and...
November 1, 2017C. Eugene Steuerle
Individual Taxes: TaxVox
For decades, Congress has generally used tax subsidies and direct spending to encourage home ownership . For example, the tax code allows itemizers to deduct...
September 14, 2016John IselinPhilip Stallworth
State and Local Issues: TaxVox
When it comes to property taxes, location matters. In a new TPC report , my colleague Brian David Moore and I look at just how...
November 18, 2013Benjamin H. Harris