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Federal Budget and Economy: TaxVox
Like all presidential budgets, President Biden’s fiscal year 2024 proposals reflect the priorities he would set for the nation. As in prior years, Biden would...
April 4, 2023C. Eugene SteuerleNikhita Airi
Federal Budget and Economy: TaxVox
This week, the Trump Administration said it would ask Congress for big increases in defense spending which it would finance by...
March 1, 2017Howard Gleckman
Federal Budget and Economy: TaxVox
Without changes in the law, health care, Social Security, and interest on the debt will eat up 85 percent of all new federal government spending over the next 10 years, according to the latest estimates by the Congressional Budget Office. By contrast, CBO expects most of the rest of government,
August 28, 2014Howard Gleckman