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2020 Election

: TaxVox
In addition to that other election you might have followed last week, Americans voted on a whole bunch of state tax measures . And while...
November 16, 2020Richard C. Auxier
State and Local Issues: TaxVox
There are a lot of state ballot measures affecting tax policy this year.
October 27, 2020Richard C. Auxier
Campaigns, Proposals, and Reforms: TaxVox
During each presidential election, the Tax Policy Center analyzes the tax policies of the two major candidates. This year, TPC estimated the effects of Democratic...
October 27, 2020Robert McClellandMark J. Mazur
Campaigns, Proposals, and Reforms: TaxVox
The highest-income 1 percent of households (those with income more than $788,000) would, on average, receive tax cuts of nearly $28,000.
October 27, 2020Gordon B. Mermin
Individual Taxes: TaxVox
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has proposed raising tax rates on long-term capital gains income for the highest-income investors.
September 16, 2020Robert McClelland
Campaigns, Proposals, and Reforms: TaxVox
The real question for Biden is how much of his ambitious tax plan could Congress realistically pass next year.
August 19, 2020Howard Gleckman
Campaigns, Proposals, and Reforms: TaxVox
As a senator, Kamala Harris has proposed broad legislation designed to raise the incomes of low- and middle-income workers via her LIFT the Middle Class Act.
August 13, 2020Elaine Maag