Research report

We provide estimates of the federal budget outlook based on new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analysis. CBO projects a debt-to-GDP ratio of 93 percent by fiscal year 2029 under current law, up from 78 percent today. Under a “current policy” scenario similar to CBO’s alternative fiscal...

February 12, 2019
Alan J. AuerbachWilliam G. GaleAaron Krupkin
Research report

In this report, we explore how and why local governments have turned to cooperation to boost economic development. We synthesize highlights from the literature, explore program features from two regional case studies, and share findings from interviews with local practitioners. Although research...

December 20, 2018
Megan RandallKim S. RuebenBrett TheodosAravind Boddupalli
Research report

Total state tax revenue from all sources showed strong growth in the last three quarters of 2018. States collected slightly over $1 trillion in tax revenues in fiscal year 2018, a gain of 7.8 percent over 2017. But the revenue growth was uneven among the states and across revenue sources. Much...

December 18, 2018
Lucy Dadayan
Research report

A robust carbon tax would generate considerable revenue. Some carbon tax advocates have suggested returning those revenues to Americans through direct payments, often called carbon dividends. We examine how to design these dividends considering two, sometimes conflicting, principles. Carbon...

December 11, 2018
Donald MarronElaine Maag
Research report

Firm migration is seen as a barometer of business climate and economic health. State and local governments feel the pressure to retain and attract jobs, often by competing using economic development packages. To better understand local employment changes, and the prevalence of job migration, we...

November 14, 2018
Brett TheodosAravind BoddupalliMegan Randall
Research report

The first edition of Urban’s new State Tax and Economic Review finds total state tax revenue from all sources showed strong growth in the final quarter of 2017 and the first quarter of 2018. The largest increases were in individual income tax revenues. State government tax revenue grew mostly in...

October 30, 2018
Lucy Dadayan
Research report

Administrative tax data contain a wealth of information that is potentially valuable for research and analysis. However, the legal and ethical imperative to protect taxpayer privacy has restricted their access to a small number of government analysts and select researchers. We propose to develop...

October 25, 2018
Leonard E. BurmanAlex EnglerSurachai KhitatrakunJames R. NunnsSarah ArmstrongJohn IselinGraham MacDonald
Research report

Recent tax cuts and the relaxation of spending caps on much of discretionary spending have added massively to the federal debt. Neither political party is showing much interest in controlling deficits and unless there are large changes in fiscal policies we are firmly on a road to a fiscal...

October 17, 2018
Rudolph G. Penner
Research report

In this study, we explore how strict balanced budget requirements (BBRs) and tax or expenditure limits (TELs) influence states’ decisions to either cut spending or raise revenues in response to surprise deficits and whether this relationship changed following the onset of the Great Recession. We...

October 10, 2018
Kim S. RuebenMegan RandallAravind Boddupalli
Research report

American places are pulling apart from one another—economically, socially, and politically. Declining regional income convergence, increasing geographic concentration of joblessness, and an increasing awareness of the social costs of long-term joblessness and economic isolation have led many...

October 2, 2018
Tracy Gordon