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NOTE: TPC updated its analysis of Donald Trump's tax plan on October 18, 2016. The revised analysis is available here . The estimates in this 2015 report should no longer be cited. Please use...

December 22, 2015
James R. NunnsLeonard E. BurmanJeffrey RohalyJoseph Rosenberg
Research report

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders proposes significant increases in federal income, payroll, business, and estate taxes, and new excise taxes on financial transactions and carbon. New revenues would pay for universal health care, education, family leave, rebuilding the nation’s...

March 4, 2016
Frank SammartinoJames R. NunnsLeonard E. BurmanJeffrey RohalyJoseph Rosenberg
Research report

Hillary Clinton proposes raising taxes on high-income taxpayers, modifying taxation of multinational corporations, repealing fossil fuel tax incentives, and increasing estate and gift taxes. Her proposals would increase revenue by $1.1 trillion over the next decade. Nearly all of the tax...

March 3, 2016
Richard C. AuxierLeonard E. BurmanJames R. NunnsJeffrey Rohaly
Research report

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s tax proposal would (1) repeal the corporate income tax, payroll taxes for Social Security and Medicare, and estate and gift taxes; (2) collapse the seven individual income tax rates to a single 10 percent rate, increase the standard deduction, and eliminate most...

February 16, 2016
Joseph RosenbergJames R. NunnsLeonard E. BurmanDaniel Berger
Research report

Marco Rubio’s tax proposal would convert the federal income tax into a consumption tax by not taxing investment income of individuals and by converting the corporate income tax into a cash-flow consumption tax. It would replace most deductions and exemptions with a universal credit; eliminate...

February 11, 2016
Elaine MaagRoberton C. WilliamsJeffrey RohalyJames R. Nunns
Research report

Many elected officials emphasize reforms that would promote opportunity, but until they define how success would be measured, progress is unlikely. The federal government is scheduled to spend close to $15,000 more per household annually in another 10 years, but little of that increase goes to...

April 27, 2016
C. Eugene Steuerle
Research report

A longstanding concern of state and local governments is that a federal value-added tax (VAT) could shrink sales tax bases. But a federal VAT could have even bigger effects on other revenues and spending through changes in incomes, relative prices, and asset values. To illustrate the range of...

April 21, 2016
James R. NunnsEric Toder
Research report

Under current law, a large share of tax benefits for retirement saving accrues to high-income employees. We simulate the short- and long-term effect of three policy options for flattening tax incentives and increasing retirement savings for low- and middle-income workers. Our results show that...

June 30, 2014
Barbara ButricaBenjamin H. HarrisPamela PerunC. Eugene Steuerle
Research report

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders proposed a financial transaction tax to finance universal access to higher education. TPC estimated that it would raise $52 billion in its first year while Pollin, Heintz, and Herndon estimated it would raise $300 billion. This brief reconciles those...

April 12, 2016
James R. Nunns
Research report

This short guide explains how the Tax Policy Center calculated the distributional effects of Governor Pawlenty’s tax reform proposals.

June 10, 2011