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T08-0216 - Major Individual Income Tax Elements of H.R. 6049 as Amended by the Senate, The Energy and Tax Extenders Act of 2008, Includes Extension of AMT Higher Exemption Levels and Allowance of Personal Credits, Distribution by Cash Income Percentile, 2008

Distribution, by cash income percentile, of the federal tax change of major individual income tax elements of H.R. 6049 as amended and passed by the Senate. Provisions modeled are the extension of the state and local sales tax deduction, the tuition and fees deduction, and the educator expense deduction. The Act creates an additional standard deduction of the lesser of $350 ($700 for couples) and the amount of property tax paid for non-itemizers and it reduces the child tax credit refundability threshold to $8,500. It increases the AMT exemption to $46,200 ($69,950 for married couples filing a joint return) and allows the use of personal non-refundable credits regardless of tentative AMT.

September 23, 2008