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T09-0138 - Administration's FY2010 Budget Proposals, Major Individual Income Tax Provisions, Maintain Estate Tax at 2009 Parameters, Major Corporate Tax Provisions, Baseline: Administration Baseline, Distribution of Federal Tax Change by Cash Income Percentile, 2012

2012 distribution, by cash income percentile, of federal tax change of major tax provisions included in the Administration's Fiscal Year 2010 budget compared to the Administration's baseline. The proposal includes extending the Making Work Pay Credit, the expansion of the EITC, expansion of the refundability of the CTC and Saver's credit, and the American Opportunity tax credit. Automatic 401(k)s and IRAs would be created and the 36 percent and 29.6 percent rates would be reinstated. A 20% rate on capital gains and personal exemption phaseouts and limitations on itemized deductions would apply to tax units with income above $200,000 ($250,000 for couples). The rate at which itemized deductions reduce tax liability would be limited to 28 percent. The estate tax is maintained at its 2009 parameters. Corporate income tax measures included were making the research and experimentation tax credit permanent; expanding net operating loss carryback, taxing carried interest as ordinary income, repealing LIFO, and implementing international enforcement, reform deferral and other reform policies.

March 12, 2009