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T17-0321 - Major Provisions in Conference Agreement: The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act; Tax Units with a Tax Increase or Tax Cut, by Expanded Cash Income Level, 2027; Baseline: Current Law

Table shows tax units with a tax increase or tax cut under the major provision in the Conference Agreement for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act by Expanded Cash Income Level in 2027. Excludes reduction in ACA Individual Shared Responsibility Payment amount to zero. Due to data limitations, also excludes the following provisions: repeal of exclusion for employer-provided qualified moving expense reimbursements; repeal of deduction for moving expenses (other than members of the Armed Forces); retirement plan and casualty loss relief for certain disaster areas; repeal of deduction for alimony payments and corresponding inclusion in income; simplified accounting for small business; modify treatment of S corporation conversions into C corporations; limitation and repeal of deduction by employers of expenses for certain fringe benefits; modification of limitation on excessive employee remuneration; tax gain on the sale of a partnership interest on look-thru basis; craft beverage modernization and tax reform; and individual income tax portion of certain business provisions.

December 18, 2017