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Working paper

In response to the financial market crisis and Great Recession, there has been a resurgence of interest in financial transaction taxes (FTTs) around the world. We estimate that a well-designed FTT could raise about $50 billion per year in the United States and would be quite progressive. We...

June 30, 2015
Leonard E. BurmanWilliam G. GaleSarah GaultBryan KimJames R. NunnsSteven M. Rosenthal
Research report

This paper examines how changes to the individual income tax affect long-term economic growth. The structure and financing of a tax change are critical to achieving economic growth. Tax rate cuts may encourage individuals to work, save, and invest, but if the tax cuts are not financed by...

September 9, 2014
William G. GaleAndrew Samwick
Research report

The share of households with student loans rose from 9 percent in 1989 to 19 percent by 2010, while inflation-adjusted median student debt rose by more than 50 percent. Rising debt burdens can affect numerous outcomes. For those in school, loans may affect completion rates, choice of major, and...

May 14, 2014
William G. GaleBenjamin H. HarrisBryant RenaudKatherine Rodihan
Research report

Over the past few years, the U.S. long-term fiscal situation has improved somewhat and short-term deficits have come down. Perhaps as a result, policy makers have largely turned their attention away from dealing with fiscal issues. The fiscal problem may well be forgotten, but its not gone....

March 6, 2014
William G. GaleAlan J. Auerbach
Research report

While political leaders remain tied up in discussions of government shutdowns and debt ceiling increases, we focus on the medium- and long-term budget outlook, where more serious challenges lie. With the passage of the American Taxpayer Relief Act, the imposition of the sequester, and changes in...

October 1, 2013
Alan J. AuerbachWilliam G. Gale

Your uncle, Sam, has ignored his chronic health condition let's say he's diabetic for a long time. Then he suddenly has a heart attack, followed by a long, slow painful recovery. As he is recovering, he is feeling good about his health after all, he got though a crisis. But he is not actually...

June 1, 2013
William G. Gale
Research report

Small businesses occupy an iconic place in American public policy debates. This paper discusses interactions between the federal tax code, small business, and the economy. We summarize the characteristics of small businesses, identify the tax provisions that most affect small businesses, and...

April 8, 2013
Samuel BrownWilliam G. Gale
Research report

The U.S. faces substantial and unsustainable budget deficits, which will require tax increases and spending cuts to resolve. A carbon tax could raise revenues, with several positive effects: it would improve environmental outcomes, increase economic efficiency, and allow the elimination of...

March 11, 2013
Samuel BrownWilliam G. GaleFernando Saltiel
Research report

With the passage of the recent tax act, many observers are claiming that fiscal issues have been, essentially, resolved and that the nation should move on to other issues. The February 2013 release of the Congressional Budget Offices Budget and Economic Outlook provides an opportunity to re-...

February 27, 2013
Alan J. AuerbachWilliam G. Gale

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