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Education is a key pathway out of poverty, yet schools that primarily serve minority students often fail to provide the educational opportunities available in predominantly white schools. A series of state court cases has addressed one cause of that disparity, the dramatic funding differences...

November 3, 2008
Sheila MurrayKim S. Rueben
Research report

Education expenditures are one of the largest spending areas for state and local governments, and perpupil expenditures have been growing over time. We examine trends in state aid for education and overall education spending and decompose the existing drivers behind growing state costs. We then...

January 23, 2008
Sheila MurrayKim S. RuebenCarol Rosenberg
Research report

School districts in 37 states are "independent" and able to generate their own revenues, usually by setting property tax rates. Some school districts in other states are dependent on cities, towns or counties for funding authority. In addition, school districts have increasingly been dependent...

April 10, 2006
Sonya HooSheila Murray