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While U.S. gasoline prices were indeed at a historical high after Katrina, they are both declining and much lower than gas prices in other countries.

September 26, 2005
Sonya HooRobert D. Ebel
Research report

An important characteristic of many countries is that they exhibit, to greater or lesser degrees, some "asymmetry" in the way in which different regions are treated by their intergovernmental fiscal systems. This paper explores some of the varied extents and manners in which such asymmetrical...

March 25, 2005
Robert D. EbelRichard M. Bird

As well-designed decentralized intergovernmental system is key to developing country's ability to achieve its 2015 Millennium Development Goals. And, whereas fiscal decentralization has many facets, there is a necessary condition that must be satisfied for its success: local governments...

March 7, 2005
Robert D. EbelRobert Taliercio