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The Statistics of Income division of the Internal Revenue Service releases an annual public-use file of individual income tax returns that is invaluable to tax analysts in government agencies, nonprofit research organizations, and the private sector. However, the Statistics of Income division...

July 9, 2020
Claire BowenVictoria L. BryantLeonard E. BurmanSurachai KhitatrakunGraham MacDonaldRobert McClellandPhilip StallworthKyle UeyamaAaron R. WilliamsNoah Zwiefel
Research report

In this report, we use a panel of anonymized data derived from income tax returns filed between 1999 and 2010 and Social Security benefits data to study how the labor force participation of retirement-age couples responds to taxation. We examine the responses of primary and secondary earners of...

February 21, 2019
Robert McClellandJohn IselinKevin PiercePhilip Stallworth
Research report

The Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA) will reduce individual income taxes on average for all income groups and in all states. Unlike prior Tax Policy Center reports, this analysis focuses on the distribution of the individual income tax changes, and does not include changes in the corporate income tax...

March 28, 2018
Frank SammartinoPhilip StallworthDavid Weiner

The proposed Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) would repeal large portions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), including most of its sources of revenue, and it would significantly change the Medicaid program and the private nongroup insurance market. We use the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy...

July 12, 2017
Linda J. BlumbergMatthew BuettgensJohn HolahanGordon B. MerminPhilip Stallworth

The US tax system provides a deduction for charitable giving, but only for the 25 percent of taxpayers who itemize deductions on their tax returns. Accordingly, advocates for the charitable sector have at times proposed to extend a deduction to itemizers and nonitemizers alike. Today these...

October 25, 2016
Joseph RosenbergC. Eugene SteuerleJoycelyn OvallePhilip Stallworth

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