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The federal government invests more than $500 billion annually in children through direct cash payments, including tax credits, and in-kind goods such as childcare, education, food subsidies, and healthcare coverage. This represents about 10 percent of the federal budget. Research shows these...

September 14, 2023
Elaine MaagCary LouMichelle CasasHannah DalyGabriella GarrigaLillian Hunter

Benefits from the earned income tax credit (EITC) and child tax credit (CTC) play an important role in the financial lives of low- and moderate-income families. Determining how much credit a family qualifies for can be complicated, depending primarily on the number of eligible children, income,...

February 3, 2023
Elaine MaagNikhita AiriLillian Hunter
Research report

Medicare faces serious short-term and long-term financial pressures. This report examines the revenue and distributional effects of options to increase revenues for Medicare and discusses their relative pros and cons. We use the Tax Policy Center microsimulation model to estimate the effect of...

February 1, 2023
Gordon B. MerminBowen GarrettLillian HunterC. Eugene Steuerle

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