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In December 2017, President Donald Trump signed into law PL 115-97, commonly known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), which substantially changed federal individual and corporate income taxes. Many of the income tax changes in the TCJA will affect state income taxes through existing links...

August 16, 2019
Erin HufferJohn IselinFrank SammartinoDavid Weiner
Research report

In this report, we use a panel of anonymized data derived from income tax returns filed between 1999 and 2010 and Social Security benefits data to study how the labor force participation of retirement-age couples responds to taxation. We examine the responses of primary and secondary earners of...

February 21, 2019
Robert McClellandJohn IselinKevin PiercePhilip Stallworth
Research report

Administrative tax data contain a wealth of information that is potentially valuable for research and analysis. However, the legal and ethical imperative to protect taxpayer privacy has restricted their access to a small number of government analysts and select researchers. We propose to develop...

October 25, 2018
Leonard E. BurmanAlex EnglerSurachai KhitatrakunJames R. NunnsSarah ArmstrongJohn IselinGraham MacDonald

In our research, we examine two alcohol excise tax increases enacted by Illinois in 1999 and in 2009. Using the synthetic control method, we find no evidence that either tax increase reduces fatal alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes for the whole of Illinois, although we do find evidence of a...

November 27, 2017
Robert McClellandJohn Iselin
Research report

This study examines the effect of alcohol excise taxes on alcohol- related fatal traffic crashes. In 2015, 29.3 percent of the 35,092 traffic fatalities in the United States involved someone driving under the influence of alcohol. Raising federal or state excise taxes on alcoholic beverages...

October 5, 2017
Robert McClellandJohn Iselin

This year, Congress will consider what may be the biggest tax bill in decades. This is one of a series of briefs the Tax Policy Center has prepared to help people follow the debate. Each focuses on a key tax policy issue that Congress and the Trump administration may address. This brief...

March 23, 2017
Richard C. AuxierJohn Iselin
Research report

States vary in how much governments collect in revenue and spend on goods and services. To understand the sources of these differences, we examined what states could raise (revenue capacity) and would spend (expenditure need) if they followed national averages, taking into account their own...

March 8, 2016
Tracy GordonRichard C. AuxierJohn Iselin
Research report

What we eat and drink can cause obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and other conditions. In response, many governments have enacted or are considering taxes on unhealthy food and drinks. This report evaluates the rationale behind such taxes; reviews evidence on their effects; analyzes different...

December 14, 2015
Donald MarronMaeve E. GearingJohn Iselin
Research report

This paper analyzes presidential candidate Jeb Bush’s tax proposal. It would reduce individual and business marginal tax rates, curtail tax expenditures, and convert the corporate income tax into a cash-flow consumption tax. The proposal would cut taxes at all income levels, reducing federal...

December 8, 2015
Leonard E. BurmanWilliam G. GaleJohn IselinJames R. NunnsJeffrey RohalyJoseph RosenbergRoberton C. Williams

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