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Genevieve M. Kenney

Codirector, Health Policy Center

I feel incredibly fortunate to be studying health policy; it’s an analytically challenging and ever-changing field that is data-rich and that touches all of our lives.


The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARP) temporarily increased the child tax credit (CTC), made the credit fully refundable, and authorized the IRS to issue up to half the credit as an advance monthly payment beginning in July 2021. The IRS reports that nearly 61 million children received the...

November 4, 2021
Michael KarpmanElaine MaagGenevieve M. KenneyDouglas A. Wissoker
Research report

This paper raises a number of concerns about various options and offers a number of examples of ways to slow the growth of Medicare spending.

December 1, 1995
Marilyn MoonLen NicholsKorbin LiuGenevieve M. KenneyMargaret B. SulvettaStephen Zuckerman