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Eric Toder

Institute Fellow and Codirector, Tax Policy Center

Before joining Urban, I had a long career in government, including three years as a political appointee heading the staff of tax policy economists in the Treasury Department.  I joined Urban after leaving government service because it is a place where I could continue to do high-quality research on important issues, surrounded by great colleagues.  I value the commitment to nonpartisan and independent analysis, and the encouragement Urban provides to seek better ways of communicating research findings and basic facts about the economy and policy issues to non-technical audiences.

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Eric Toder and Alan Viard describe the need for corporate tax reform in this U.S. News & World Report opinion editorial.

August 2, 2016
Eric ToderAlan Viard

In this installment of the Star Forum, experts weigh in on the following question: Senate Finance Committee Chair Orrin G.
Hatch, R-Utah, has announced that he is drafting a proposal in favor of corporate integration. Do you think that corporate integration is a good idea? What factors...

June 20, 2016
Eric ToderAlan Viard
Research report

This report updates and revises the authors’ 2014 proposal to replace the corporate income tax with taxation at ordinary income rates of dividends and net accrued capital gains of American shareholders. The new proposal retains a 15 percent corporate income tax, gives taxable shareholders a...

June 17, 2016
Eric ToderAlan Viard

Institute fellow Eric Toder testified before the US Senate Committee on Finance during a hearing entitled “Navigating Business Tax Reform.” In his testimony, Toder presented his research on the state of the corporate income tax and a review of current legislative proposals. He outlines two...

April 26, 2016
Eric Toder
Research report

A longstanding concern of state and local governments is that a federal value-added tax (VAT) could shrink sales tax bases. But a federal VAT could have even bigger effects on other revenues and spending through changes in incomes, relative prices, and asset values. To illustrate the range of...

April 21, 2016
James R. NunnsEric Toder
Research report

Taxpayers can currently deduct interest on up to $1 million in acquisition debt used to buy, build, or improve their primary residence or a second designated residence. They can also deduct interest on up to $100,000 in home equity loans or other loans secured by their properties, regardless of...

December 8, 2015
Chenxi LuJoseph RosenbergEric Toder
Journal Article

This Tax Fact explores the distributional impact of taxing carbon dioxide to combat climate change and in recycling the revenues into tax cuts.

November 30, 2015
Donald MarronEric ToderLydia Austin

TPC has estimated the distributional impact of repealing the Affordable Care Act’s “Cadillac tax” in 2018 and 2025. While the average tax cut increases with income throughout the distribution, the middle and fourth income quintiles receive the largest share of the tax benefit compared with their...

July 22, 2015
Gordon B. MerminEric Toder
Research report

The Bipartisan Policy Center asked TPC to estimate a proposal to replace the excise tax on high-cost health insurance plans with a limit on the exclusion for employer-provided health benefits and repeal of medical flexible spending accounts. TPC estimates the BPC proposal would increase revenues...

July 17, 2015
Gordon B. MerminEric Toder

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