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Barbara Butrica

Senior Fellow

Much of my research involves examining how particular policies, events, or circumstances affect or might influence people's behavior and economic well-being. Although my research findings may not always be popular, I think it's important to view all sides of an issue carefully and objectively in order to understand where we are, or where we can go.

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Research report

Under current law, a large share of tax benefits for retirement saving accrues to high-income employees. We simulate the short- and long-term effect of three policy options for flattening tax incentives and increasing retirement savings for low- and middle-income workers. Our results show that...

June 30, 2014
Barbara ButricaBenjamin H. HarrisPamela PerunC. Eugene Steuerle

This paper simulates the impact of the 2008 stock market crash on future retirement savings under alternative scenarios. If stocks remain depressed as after the 1974 crash, 20 percent of preboomers born 1941-45 and 22 percent of late boomers born 1961-65 would see their retirement incomes drop...

December 17, 2009
Barbara ButricaKaren E. SmithEric Toder