Tax Policy Center

Amelia Coffey

Research Associate

I want to make meaningful contributions to the field on what individuals and families need to overcome barriers to self-sufficiency. Doing that work at a place with the reputation for quality and commitment to improving policymaking that Urban has means that policymakers are likely to draw on this new evidence in designing policies with tangible effects on people's lives.


Amelia Coffey is a research associate in the Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population at the Urban Institute, specializing in qualitative methods and project management. Her work focuses on research and evaluation of policies and programs intended to support financial stability and well-being for families and youth. Before joining Urban, Coffey spent several years at a nonprofit research center focused on improving child outcomes, where she gained experience designing and conducting evaluations of programs serving disadvantaged children and youth.

Coffey received a BA in history from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and an MS in social policy research from the London School of Economics.