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2008 Election

See our Presidential Transition page for current information on President-elect Obama's tax plan

An Updated Analysis of the 2008 Presidential Candidates' Tax Plans: Updated September 12, 2008

Tax and fiscal policy will loom large in the next president’s domestic policy agenda. Nearly all of the tax cuts enacted since 2001 expire at the end of 2010 and the individual alternative minimum tax (AMT) threatens to ensnare tens of millions of Americans. While a permanent fix palatable to both political parties has proven elusive, both candidates have proposed major tax changes. This report describes how we performed our modeling and analysis, outlines the major tax proposals, and discusses the implications of their policies for the revenue raised, taxpayer economic activity, and the distribution of the tax burden.

2008 Presidential Candidates' Tax Proposals

A side-by-side comparison of the presidential candidates’ economic proposals.

Where's the tax calculator?

The Impact of the Presidential Candidates' Tax Proposals on Effective Marginal Tax Rates

A taxpayer's effective marginal tax rate (EMTR) is the percentage of an additional dollar of income that would be paid in federal income tax. An individual's EMTR could affect the decision to work or save more, or avoid income tax.

Effect of McCain and Obama Tax Plans on Representative Families

Estimates of the individual and corporate income tax changes that different groups of representative families would face under each candidate’s tax plan.

Analyses of the Presidential Candidates' Health Plans

Brief evaluations of the candidates' proposals to reform the nation's health care system.

The Tax Policy Briefing Book: A Citizens’ Guide for the 2008 Election and Beyond

A compendium of information on a broad array of tax and budget topics in Q&A format.

TaxVox on the 2008 Election

The Tax Policy Center blog discusses election issues.