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Tax Units that Pay No Individual Income Tax

Many tax units owe no federal individual income tax because their income is too low or because tax credits reduce their tax liability to zero or lower.  The following Tax Policy Center tables show the numbers and percentages of such tax units for various years and under alternative baseline assumptions.  Distributional tables provide more information about those units by income level and other characteristics for specific years.  Some tables also show units that owe no individual income tax or payroll tax.

Tax Units paying no individual income tax (and payroll tax) under alternative baselines
Distributional Tables for individual income tax
By Cash Income Level
By Cash Income Percentile
Under Current Law
Under Current Policy
Under Obama Administration FY2012 Budget Proposal
Distributional Tables for Simplified Income Tax with Expanded Definition of Income and Elimination of Tax Preferences
By Cash Income Level
By Cash Income Percentile
Tax units with zero or negative tax liability
Income Tax only
Income and Payroll Taxes
by definition of income
by definition of income

Why Some Tax Units Pay No Income Tax
Current Law, 2011
Tax Units with and without Income Tax Liability
Tax Units without Income Tax Liability
Zero versus Negative Liability
Due to Tax Expenditures
Stacked Tax Expenditures
Isolated Tax Expenditures