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Safety NetSafety Net - Government safety net programs aim to protect families during tough times—before they fall into poverty. But rising unemployment, foreclosures, and economic distress are putting pressure on a system already in need of updates and repairs
EducationEducation - Urban Institute research examines the adoption and performance of charter schools; interactions between schools and their home communities, initiatives to improve outcomes for minorities and English language learners, school-to-work programs, and school-based strategies for helping at-risk youth.
HealthHealth - The Urban Institute's Health Policy Center analyzes trends and underlying causes of changes in health insurance coverage, access to care, and use of health care services by the entire US population. Researchers address issues that arise from the inevitable trade-offs among health care costs, access, and quality.
Criminal JusticeCriminal Justice - In an era of diminishing state and federal budgets and limited resources for community services, it is critical that research and analysis is available to guide the allocation of scarce criminal justice resources in a manner that yields the most beneficial impact on the individuals and jurisdictions affected by crime.
employmentPublic Employment - One in seven employees in the U.S. works for a state or local government. School teachers, public safety employees, and civil servants deliver the services and programs we rely on.
Economic DevelopmentEconomic Development - All levels of government are keenly interested in attracting businesses to their jurisdictions in the hopes that employment and income will increase for its residents. State and local governments employ a variety of strategies to attract businesses, including tax preferences and direct expenditures.











State and local governments deliver and finance most of the public services upon which citizens rely—educating children, protecting the public (fire and police), building roads, operating transit systems, and providing for public health and welfare. The people providing these services make up almost one-sixth of America’s workforce. We examine how successful different programs are and work to identify best practices.

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