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 2012 Presidential Election

TPC Estimates of Candidates' Tax Proposals 
Eric Toder (March 2012)

The Alternative Minimum Tax

The AMT: Why It Matters and Why It's Hard to Fix
Len Burman (July 2007)

The Individual Alternative Minimum Tax: Options for Reform
Len Burman, Bill Gale, Greg Leiserson, and Jeff Rohaly (May 2007)

The Individual Alternative Minimum Tax
Len Burman (March 2005)

Corporate Taxes

Taxation of Credit Derivatives
Lawrence Lokken (November 2009)


California's Education Finance and Fiscal System
Kim Rueben (October 2005)

Estate and Gift Taxes

The Distribution of the Estate Tax and Reform Options
Len Burman, Bill Gale, and Jeffrey Rohaly (November 2004)

Federal Budget Policy

The U.S. Fiscal Trajectory: Causes and Consequences
Joseph Rosenberg (January 2011)

The U.S. Budget and Options for Fiscal Policy
William Gale (May 2010)

Children and the Budget: A Diminishing Priority?
Eugene Steuerle (July 2007)

The Coming Federal Budget Crisis
Rudolph G. Penner (November 2006)

Economic Outlook for Working Families
Eugene Steuerle (June 2007)

Entitlements, the Budget Squeeze, and the Decline of Democratic Government
Eugene Steuerle (May 2007)

Kids' Share 2007: How Children Fare in the Federal Budget
Eugene Steuerle, Adam Carasso, and Gillian Reynolds (March 2007)

Why Uncle Sam Can’t Keep All Those Promises—And What It Means for Tax Policy
Eugene Steuerle (June 2007)

Health Insurance and Taxation

The President's Proposed Standard Deduction for Health Insurance: Evaluation and Recommendations
Len Burman, Jason Furman, Greg Leiserson, and Roberton Williams (May 2007)

An Evaluation of The President's Health Insurance Proposal
Roberton Williams (February 2007)

Financing Health Coverage: California's Tax Coverage and Options
Kim Rueben and Tracy Gordon (December 2006)

HSAs: A Risky Prescription
Len Burman (March 2005)

State and Local Taxes

Deductability of State and Local Taxes
Kim Rueben (June 2007)

Taxes: Paying for Government Services
Kim Rueben (March 2007)

Tax Reform

Presentation to the Tax Economist Forum - TPC's Preliminary Revenue and Distributional Estimates of the Wyden-Gregg Proposal
Jim Nunns and Jeff Rohaly (June 2010)

Presentation to PERAB Tax Task Force
Eric Toder (December 2009)

102nd Annual Conference on Taxation - To Roth or Not to Roth: The Worst of Budget & Tax Policy
Eugene Steuerle (November 2009)

102nd Annual Conference on Taxation - Fiscal Days of Reckoning
Eugene Steuerle (November 2009)

ATPI Conference - Unified Credits for Low-Income Families
Elaine Maag (September 2009)

Rising Economic Inequality and Tax Policy
Len Burman (May 2007)

Tax Expenditures and Tax Reform: Issues and Analysis
Eric Toder (October 2005)


VAT And Older Americans
Eric Toder (January 2010)

VAT Presentation, June 26 to Financial Executives Institute Tax Group
Eric Toder (June 2009)

General Tax Issues

7th Annual Tax Day Event - Who Pays and Who Should Pay Federal Taxes?
Roberton Williams (April 2009)

Tax Policy at a Crossroads
Len Burman (June 2007)

What is the Tax Gap?
Eric Toder (June 2007)

Federal Tax Issues
Roberton Williams (May 2006)

Should We Eliminate Taxation of Capital Income?
Eric Toder and Kim Rueben (September 2005)

The Effects of Tax Software and Paid Preparers on Compliance Costs
Eric Toder (May 2005)

Return-Free Tax Systems and Taxpayer Compliance Costs
Eric Toder (May 2005)

Tax Reform and Fairness for Families
Eugene Steuerle (March 2005)

A Comparison of Income and Consumption Taxes
William G. Gale (February 2005)