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creates space to wrap around helpguyThe Tax Policy Center estimates the revenue and distributional impact of tax proposals using a state-of-the-art microsimulation model of the federal tax system. Our searchable database includes distribution tables that show how proposals alter tax liabilities and after-tax income, by dollar income class and by percentiles of the income distribution. We also periodically estimate the distribution of various federal taxes under current law, show how recent tax changes have altered that distribution, and examine other important issues such as the impact of the individual alternative minimum tax (AMT) and the distribution of the estate tax under current law and alternative policy options. A description of the tax model’s methodology and help interpreting the tables can be found in the Related Resources links.


- Tax Model FAQ and Other Resources

Frequently asked questions about TPC's model of the federal tax system, help interpreting TPC tables, and other resources.

Featured Numbers

- Individual Income Tax Expenditures

Distributional estimates of the benefits of various individual income tax expenditures for the year 2015.

- Distributional Effects of Indexing Tax Parameters Using Chained CPI

Tables for 2020 showing the distribution of the federal tax change from indexing tax parameters using chained CPI against current law.