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TPC Series

cover images of printed TPC series The Tax Policy Issues and Options briefs provide timely and concise analysis of current tax policy issues. The briefs describe in clear and non-technical terms recently enacted legislation, proposed legislation, and options for change germane to contemporary tax policy debate. The analysis in this series focuses on understanding the impact of these changes both in terms of who is affected and how the economy is affected. The briefs in this series are frequently abbreviated versions of papers found in the Discussion Paper series.

The Tax Policy Discussion Paper series provides more detailed research reports on tax policy issues. Discussion papers describe in depth the results of Tax Policy Center research on current and emerging tax policy issues, examining both the long- and short-term effects of current policy and options for change. Abbreviated versions of many discussion papers can be found in the Issues and Options series.

The TPC contributes three columns to Tax Notes. Eugene Steuerle has written Economic Perspective since 1993. Tax Break is a column by William Gale that explores current tax issues. A bi-weekly column, Tax Facts, elucidates tax data and projections that are relevant to the current tax policy debate.