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creates space to wrap around helpguycreates space to wrap around helpguyThe Tax Policy Center uses its state-of-the-art tax model to estimate the effects of tax laws and proposals on taxpayers and on federal revenues. Different kinds of tables report the results of those estimates. Available tables include:

Distribution Tables by Dollar Income Class that show effects of tax law or proposals on taxpayers divided into groups based on levels of cash income.

Distribution Tables by Percentile that show effects of tax law or proposals on taxpayers divided into percentiles of the income distribution. Percentiles are often defined in terms of quintiles, or fifths of the distribution. The top quintile is often subdivided into smaller groups such as the top 10 percent or the top 1 percent.


Distribution Tables by Size of Tax Cut that show effects of proposals on taxpayers divided into groups based on the size of the tax change they would experience.

Revenue Tables that show the change in federal revenues that would result from a tax proposal.

Other Tables that offer various kinds of information such as distributions by age of taxpayer or tax rates that taxpayers face.

Tables are generally organized into groups of “related tables” that typically derive from one model simulation or a few closely related simulations. A search within the Numbers section of the TPC website usually yields relevant sets of related tables rather than individual tables. Clicking on the link for a set of related tables brings up a list of individual tables contained in that set. You can then locate the table you want by browsing through the table names.

You can search for tables using your own criteria in the general search box, by going to the Numbers Search Page, or by using the drop-down menu on the left side of the Numbers page:

by Laws, Bills, Proposals – specific tax law, tax bills, or tax proposals

by Tax Topic – choose from among commonly sought tax topics

by Type of Table – choose from among the types of tables listed above

by Year of Impact – choose year for which you want to see the effects of a tax law or proposal

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