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What Are Tax Facts?

creates space to wrap around helpguyTax Facts are numerical information about issues related to taxes. Some Tax Facts come from a regular column in Tax Notes that discusses aspects of taxation such as changes over time in the number of taxpayers who itemize their deductions or the impact of the alternative minimum tax by state.

Other Tax Facts are tables of historical data such as revenue collections or taxes measured as a share of GDP, and others provide basic information such as the parameters that define the individual income tax including tax brackets, rates, exemptions, and standard deductions over time.

You can use the general search function on the Tax Facts page to search for specific topics. Alternatively, you can use tools on the left side of the Tax Facts page to browse Tax Facts by selected topics, including:

Clicking on some of those topics tabs (on the Tax Facts page) will generate a drop-down list of subtopics that link to relevant Tax Facts.