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The House of Representatives passed a marriage penalty relief provision that would, ironically, subject three million married couples to the complex and costly alternative minimum tax (AMT). This Marketplace commentary recommends that Congress deal with the real problems in the tax code--...

April 27, 2004
Leonard E. Burman
Research report

In his FY2005 budget, released Monday, President Bush proposes a set of new tax-preferred saving accounts (which were first presented in last year's budget). Under the Administration's proposal, two new types of individual accountscalled Lifetime Saving Accounts (LSAs) and Retirement Saving...

February 4, 2004
Leonard E. Burman, William G. Gale, Peter Orszag

In 2001, Congress significantly expanded the scope of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA). This paper uses variation in IRA eligibility rules in the 1980s and 1990s to determine whether more widespread access to IRAs undermines traditional employer-sponsored pensions, especially 401(k)-type...

December 1, 2003
Leonard E. Burman, Richard W. Johnson, Deborah Kobes

Here's one message from the new "bipartisan" Medicare bill being debated in Congress: low-income elderly people are having a hard time paying for their prescription drugs, so we need...another tax cut for rich people! Today's tax cut for rich people—health savings accounts (HSA)—has been all but...

November 21, 2003
Leonard E. Burman, Linda J. Blumberg
Research report

This note considers four options to raise approximately enough revenue to finance the additional $87 billion that the President has requested to finance the war and reconstruction costs in Iraq. Commentators and some members of Congress have expressed an interest in options to offset these...

September 29, 2003
Leonard E. Burman
Research report

An individual's marginal tax rate--the additional tax that would be owed on an additional dollar of income--is an important indicator of how the tax system affects incentives to work, save, and comply with the tax system. It is natural to think of marginal tax rates as identical to the statutory...

September 15, 2003
Leonard E. Burman, Mohammed Adeel Saleem
Research report

Before enactment of the Tax Reform Act on 1986, the individual tax code included 25 marginal tax rates. No more than 10 percent of tax filers were in a single bracket and eight brackets included less than 1 percentage of filers. Read this article to learn more about the history of Income Tax...

July 28, 2003
Leonard E. Burman, Deborah Kobes

The testimony discusses current statistics on tax evasion, the argument for trying to stem it, and why IRS efforts so far have been disappointing. It then focuses on specific issues related to the earned income tax credit (EITC). The testimony concludes that, while deterring system-wide tax...

July 17, 2003
Leonard E. Burman

[Newsday] The tax bill that President George W. Bush signed into law last week sped up most of the 2001 tax cuts' provisions that were supposed to phase in gradually. Left out, however, were provisions that would have helped low-income working familiesincluding the increase in the refund...

June 6, 2003
Leonard E. Burman

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